Self storage facilities are a boon for your everyday life.

Here in Colorado, there are so many ways to get outdoors and that is one of the best things about living here.  It seems that no matter what the weather is outside, there are people being active and that is a lot of fun for just about everyone that lives here.  In thinking about ways to get outside, you have to imagine yourself with a decent amount of gear.  A friend, who is probably one of the most outdoorsy people that I know, has everything from a kayak and mountain climbing gear for the summer, to multiple pairs of skis for the winter.  These are things that take up a considerable amount of space and as a result, it is important to keep in mind just what your house can handle.

self storageMany of the homes that were built in the Denver area were done so during the early part of the 20th century.  These homes are beautiful and offer many interesting characteristics that may not always be available for a home that has been built this century.  Nevertheless, they were constructed during a time in which people really did not need a ton of storage.  As a result, if you are looking to put your skis and kayaks in your home, you are going to be out of luck.  Consequently, many people are looking toward the use of a self storage unit.

The reason for this is that there are many of them throughout the city and this equals convenience.  It is a great way to ensure that you and your family are going to be able to access all of your gear whenever you need to.  This would not be the case, even if you tried to stuff everything in your own garage.  In thinking about ways to master the concept of storing your belongings, one of the best ways to do is to utilize some of the convenient storage facilities across the metro area.  There are many good ones out there and some of the things to consider is what kind of size you want.

They come in many different sizes, so it is worth considering just how to prepare your belongings for everything that is needed.  Many of these storage facilities also offer access to your belongings 24/7 and offer discounts if you move in during a specific part of the year.  There is a lot of competition in the sector and consequently you are going to be able to find offers in which they will pay for the first month or something like that. One to keep an eye out for is called Storage Direct. Storage Direct has competitive prices and a variety of sizes of storage units that will make your life easier. It is a great solution to any of your gear storage problems and an excellent way to ensure that you and your family will be able to live carefree in the process. Having your items away from your home may be worrying, but the top notch security and sound employees will leave your mind at ease.

Know what’s in the weed you smoke?

Weed. Ganja. Mary Jane. Grass. Schweed. Cannabis. Whatever name you call it, you are going to get the same experience from smoking it: you are gonna get high. There are also other benefits that you are can get from smoking or eating marijuana such as various THC testingmedical benefits. It can be a really wonderful thing from having stomach issues, menstrual cramps and anxiety. THC isn’t the only element in marijuana that affects our body. In fact there are many things that marijuana can do for us. But how do you know what strain of weed will do more for you in one respect than it will in another? How do you know how potent the weed is that you are smoking or eating? It can be a really wonderful thing to know what it is that you are putting into your body. You don’t begrudge people for looking at the labels on their food so why would you not find out the same about the marijuana that  you are using?

CannLabs is a cannabis testing lab that uses unique sciences in relationship to marijuana to create a better picture for dispensaries and customers to see what it is that they are actually ingesting. Their unique process allows for CannLab to offer up a composite picture of the products that come through their doors. Now that the culture of marijuana has shifted drastically in our country in the last decade and especially since the legalization of recreational marijuana in the last two years we are able to access other things that are needed to add to that picture for us. Comparing marijuana to food again, we know that there are so many health benefits of our food. We are constantly learning new things about what we “should” eat or what we “shouldn’t.” Right? So with marijuana we are learning more and more about what it is that we are putting in our bodies in terms of marijuana. With the marijuana science that places like CannLab uses we are able to determine to many different attributes of cannabis that affect our bodies in a good way. When you send in your strain to CannLabs to be tested, they can tell you which attributes are in the weed and how much of it is in there. You can pass that information on to your customers to give them a better understanding of what they are buying.

So no matter what name you call cannabis you deserve to know what it is that you are smoking or eating. This goes for all things that you put in your body and spend your money on. With the help of CannLabs you get a great understanding of what the marijuana potency is as well so you can feel empowered to own your experience with marijuana. Let CannLabs help you take better care of your body by knowing what it is you are purchasing and consuming. Everyone can enjoy and reap the benefits of weed, grass, marijuana, ganja or cannabis.



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What is a property management company and how can you hire one for your community?

If you are living in a neighborhood or a community that is struggling with community issues, then you may find yourself frequently frustrated with the way simple things are being handle. Perhaps your neighborhood’s community association management is poor and you need your Board of Directors to step up their game by hiring a team that will be able to meet your community’s needs in terms of property management issues. Regardless, without the excellent management of a property management team, it might be difficult for your community to really get off the ground in terms of community agreements and other needs. What are the best ways to help make this happen? Calling in the experts at ACCU, Inc. is the best way to turn your community around and get http://www.accuinc.comgoing towards excellent community management and agreements. But how do you make this happen for your community? What types of things should you keep in mind and do you have to hire a property management company to make it happen? Indeed, a property management company is hired on by the Board of Directors in a community in order to provide the aforementioned assets, so your first step in making a community association management a part of your community is by going to your Board of Directors of your Homeowner’s Association and talking with them about hiring one on. Chances are, your Board of Directors already has a management team contracted to do this work, but if you think that this work is not being done properly, this is all the more reason to give them a call and discuss your options. Most property management companies can be reached, if you wish to speak to them, through your community’s website. If you have questions you should reach out to your Board of Directors.

Let’s say that you are successful in either reaching your existing community association management team or in getting a new team hired on for your neighborhood. What kinds of expectations should you have for their services? The services that are usually provided by a property management include collection of assessments, supervision of subcontractors and other groups, working on bids for subcontracted services such as landscaping for your community, collection reports and financial statements, and a myriad of other services. If you are living in a neighborhood and working with homeowner association management, the property management team tends to focus on things like general cleaning of community areas, managing subcontractors, and working out disputes regarding the homeowner’s association agreement. In the case of a community of renters, management of rent collection and all other issues related to the specific properties that are being rented are all within the realm of the property management company. The key to making these property management services work for your community is all in the way that you communicate your community’s needs in order to reach out as effectively as possible to your community association management team. When clear communication happens it is easier to get your community’s needs met and then some!

The commercial construction of the Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family

There is an old famous church that is located in Barcelona, Spain called the Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia, or for short, called the Sagrada Familia. The English name of this church is the Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family. This enormous and beautiful Roman Catholic church was designed by the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi and inspired by Gothic architecture. building construction

Building construction of the church began a long time ago…in 1882! Gaudi was a popular and creative architect who lived from 1852 – 1926. During his later years in life, he designed the Sagrada Familia and died at the age of 73 when less than 25 percent of the building was constructed. The construction of this building was funded by private donations and moved along at a snail’s pace. Construction was halted during the Spanish Civil War and didn’t start again until the 1950s!

By 2010, the Sagrada Familia hit its halfway point of completion. The construction of this building took over a century to finish only 50 percent of the entire building design. It is projected to be completed by 2026. There has been much controversy over the design of the building after Gaudi’s death as it has not followed his original design plan. There is also controversy regarding the building structure and a proposed tunnel underneath Barcelona that might be constructed to connect France and Spain via a high-speed railway.

Parts of the original design plan by Gaudi were burned in a fire. The construction that is currently happening on the church is based off parts of the original design and parts of a more modern design. In the 1980s, the building contractors started incorporating computer design systems into their construction models. When the construction began in 1882, it was estimated to take several hundred years to compete the building. Since modern technologies have changed construction practices over the past century, the construction of the building will be finished much sooner than originally expected. For example, the stone used in the building was carved by hand in the 1800s and early 1900s. It is now carved by a machine, which speeds up the process quite a bit.

Before Gaudi began designing the Sagrada Familia, he designed many other structures, and many of them are located in Barcelona. He was heavily influenced with Gothic architecture as well as Oriental architecture. His largest project was the Sagrada Familia, which receives the most tourist traffic of any monument in all of Spain. The Sagrada Familia is a World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO as well as six of his other architectural designs. A World Heritage Site can be a building, forest, mountain, monument, etc., that is declared to have cultural, physical or symbolic importance. There are currently 1007 various sites or structures that are listed as a World Heritage Site.

Although the construction of the Sagrada Familia has taken over a century to reach its halfway point, with modern technologies changing the pace of construction, the building may even reach completion before the new projected completion year of 2026.

What did 2014 have to bring you in terms of great custom window covering designs?

Gearing up for a new year and finishing up an old one brings memories of trends past with an eye towards the future. This year, 2014, has brought with it many new ideas, trends, and designs in home decorating that has made it a great year to be decorating. From sheers to interior shutters to bolder and brighter patterns, designing has been fun and exciting this year and many of the most popular trends this year are likely to carry over into interior design for the coming year. After all, with such great designs on the market, it will be easy to transition into the next year extrapolating and growing from these patterns. Working with custom window coverings in 2014 has been fun, and as we gear up for 2015 in the next few months, it will be fun to come up with new ideas and patterns! Here are some of the most popular trends from 2014; what do you think will last through into the foreseeable future?

1. SHEERS! Sheers have been particularly exciting in 2014. They have been utilized in a of different styles, from blinds to shades to other designs. Sheer Honeycomb Shades have been popular in particular, as they combine elegance and environmental awareness. But what’s in a sheer shade? Why so popular? Sheer shades are great because you can go with just about any color palate and still get the glowy translucence that has popularized this shade style. This year we saw many people working with more unique colors that are not usually seen in sheers, such as Cocoa Bean and Black. These dramatic sheers were big, as was combining sheer shades of different colors in the same room. For example, working with mocha and sage or perhaps cocoa bean and goldenrod sheer shades all in the same room! We had fun in 2014 mixing and matching, and hopefully these darker hues paired with lighter sheers are here to stay!

2. Perfect Patterns: We all know from experience that too many patterns can be a real distraction, especially if there are too many bold ones popping up in a room already covered in them. That’s why this years patterns cropping up sneakily in unexpected places were so great. Roller shades and Roman shades were two places we did not expect to see patterns, but the whimsical and softer patterns on these and other custom window coverings were really powerful this year. They were great on shades but also made appearances on other types of window coverings. As part of this trend, faux wood was also popular. The Faux Wood look combined the best of patterned cottons with the more earthy and more subtle tone that was so popular this year in an attempt to harken back to nature and perhaps a time when the forest provided our wooden shades.

These are just a few custom window covering trends from 2014. What will the next year bring us in terms of new ideas and new patterns for our custom shades and blinds? Only the future will tell what is in store!

How to find a PR agency

Are you a current business owner who is suffering from a few negative public relations reviews?  There is not a serious need to begin stressing about this.  If this is the first time that this is happening to you, there can be an understanding as to why you are getting stressed out about this matter.  This is one of those things that you can easily build back up.  The only down fall is that you will, unfortunately, have to pay some money to a PR agency in order to have them help you build up your public relations status back up to a positive one.  As with anything, there is also a matter of time that will take in effect before you will see results.  This time period can last anywhere from three weeks to about a year or so.  This all depends on the extent to which your public relations is.  If it is very bad and has been going on for an extended amount of time then it may be more difficult to handle.  This then will lead to the process of cleaning up the public relations a lot longer than it normally would.

These types of businesses will be seen as having a negative public relations image.  It is probably something that is not very common for people to sit down and think about because sometimes people fail to understand how important it is to make a good impression on the public.

PR agencies are in the business to help either individuals or businesses who are caught up in a bad public relations situation.  There should be no hesitation that should take place when you are thinking about whether or not you should reach out to a top PR firm.  There should be a public relations firm in every state.  Therefore, no matter what state you are living in you should have no problem finding the public relations firm that will best be able to assist you with your particular case.

The best way to find out information about a public relations firm is to begin an internet search through your desired search engine.  This will be able to populate all of the public relations firms that are in your area.  You will only need to decide which one you would like to reach out and contact.  The decision on this is completely up to you as there are different public relations firms that specialize in different matters.  You will just want to verify with them that they have had experience with your situation before you officially decide that they would be a good public relations firm to hire.  There will be online reviews that you will more than likely see if you begin your search in the Google search engine.  Usually there are stars that will appear right next to the name of the business.  You will want to focus more on the companies that have either five stars or the ones that are the closest to the five star mark.

Chiropractic Marketing Experts can save you time when designing your chiropractic website

Creating and designing a website for a chiropractic business can be very time consuming. Unless you are web development professional, then you probably don’t have the time to create your own website and design it in the way you want to while also building a chiropractic business. I mean, you can spend hours and hours just trying to find a domain name and host site. Not to mention the days that it can take to figure out how to even start a website, much less make it look professional. It can take several more months to add in pictures, videos, and testimonials. Years later, you may still not have a properly designed website that is adequate for your chiropractic business.Chiropractic web design

However, there are ways to save time and get your website designed exactly how you want it! This is where Chiropractic Marketing Gurus come in. They will help you build and design a website, saving you the time and energy it takes to figure out how to do it yourself. They will also help you save that time so you can put it towards your clients while they put in the marketing efforts to bring you more clients. Soon, you will be so busy that you won’t even have time to look at your website! Luckily, you will rest easy knowing that the Chiropractic Marketing Gurus are continuously marketing your chiropractic office. No one has enough time anymore, so saving time is essential whenever possible.

Chiropractic Marketing Gurus specialize in marketing for chiropractors in order to save you time. A lot of time can go into digital marketing, website design, SEO, analyzing SEO and that is time that you likely do not have to spend on something that you are not an expert on. Chiropractors spend years and years in schooling to become experts in their field and need to spend all of their time practicing their trade rather than trying to learn a new one.

This is where Chiropractic Marketing Gurus are essential to save you time. Time is money and you want more money in your pockets! Most people don’t have enough time in their day and get stressed by the thought of trying to cram 30 hours of work in a 24-hour day. And you still need to sleep! And eat! Let Chiropractic Marketing Gurus help you be more successful and grow your business while saving you oodles of time.

The idea of a digital marketing company that is solely dedicated to chiropractors and how they market their business is an amazing concept. It shows how specialized the Chiropractic Marketing Gurus are and how they strive to save you time to focus on your practice and on your clients. The benefits of this specialized service are they know exactly what your practice needs and how to utilize it best online. So, do not stress about how exactly to market your chiropractic business. Instead, reach out to Chiropractic Marketing Gurus and let them do all of the work for you!

Window Coverings are a Critical Aspect of Any Home’s Decor.

window coveringsWindow coverings are a critical aspect of any home’s decor, and they can add greatly, to your overall aesthetic, if you pick them wisely.  Though there are countless different window coverings to choose from, most of them can be divided into one of only a few basic categories.  Of these, blinds are probably the most widely used, in the United States, though there are many other popular alternatives.  Nevertheless, whatever your favorite style of window coverings, you should go to a good home decor store, such as Peoria’s SunGard Window Fashions.  By going to a business that revolves around topnotch window coverings, you are far more likely to end up with practical window treatments, with all of the aesthetic appeal that you expect.  All you need to do is show up and tell them what you are going for.  You do not even need to know what kind of window treatments are your favorite, as they can help you figure that out, as you go.

Blinds certainly are one of the most popular styles of window treatments, though this is largely due to the fact that they are so convenient, in so many different ways.  For one thing, they are just about as easily adjustable as window treatments can be, and they can be adjusted very precisely.  That is to say, that you can let in as much or as little sunlight, as you want.  Most other window coverings, with the exception of shutters, cannot be adjusted this precisely, and can only be raised or lowered.  Blinds, which are raised and lowered, using a pulley, are also adjusted, using a lever.  Since they are typically comprised of smooth slats, which are suspended from strings, the only maintenance or cleaning that is required is dusting the slats, themselves.  The one downside of their makeup is the fact that they usually cannot be used to fully block out sunlight, in the way that thick drapes or curtains can.  Nonetheless, blinds remain exceedingly popular.

Shades are a lot like blinds, in many ways.  The only real different, in terms of how they are composed is the fact that blinds are suspended slats, while shades are suspended sheets of material.  This prevents them from being adjusted for many different light levels.  On the other hand, they can block out light, virtually completely, which blinds cannot do.  Shades are, in many ways, a compromise between drapes and blinds.  They have the fabric consistency of drapes, but they have the convenience of blinds, since they, too, are suspended, with a pulley system.  Blinds, of course, are limited by the fact that they can only be made of a few different materials.  Shades, since they can be made of any fabric-like substance, are a bit more versatile, in this regard.  Still, for some, there is no alternative to actual drapes.  Drapes are like curtains, only they are even longer and more elegant.  Despite the fact that they cannot be operated with a pulley system, they are one of the most elegant window coverings you can get.

5 Obvious Signs You’ll Need Roof Repair or Replacement

For commercial building owners or residential homeowners, looking after and recognizing the signs that you need roof repair or replacement saves you the inconvenience and unexpected costs. Your roof takes a beating from all kinds of weather. And sometimes, these things can get neglected when in reality; it’s the most exposed part of a house or a building. It’s highly important to address small problems before they turn into larger and even costly ones. It doesn’t cost much to regularly check what’s protecting your home or office building. You can even check them yourself, just make sure you practice and follow adequate safety measures at all times.

Residential Roofers


Here are 5 obvious signs that your roof system may need repair that you really can’t afford to ignore:

  1. Roof Leaks – Minor roof leaks can sometimes get overlooked at and regardless how small, this should be fixed immediately even if it doesn’t bother you. It may not rain every day of the year but small leaks tend to multiply and lead to even bigger problems such as damaged ceilings, molds and rotted framing. This can even cause serious electrical damage if water gets into your house.
  2. Roof rooting – If water leaks on your exterior roof aren’t treated or fixed properly, this can cause for your interior roof to rot. Roof rot breaks down the wooden components of your roof. Roof rotting cannot be fixed; it should be replaced immediately, as your entire roof can collapse.
  3. Missing or Damaged Shingles – This is another sign that your roof could be failing. Curling, broken, cracked, decaying shingles are sometimes easy to spot through visual inspection of your roof. Missing or damaged shingles makes your roof more vulnerable to water damage and rot. This may be caused by many factors including strong winds, ice or snow damage, tree branches falling on your roof if your house is built near a tree. This should be replaced or repaired right away.
  4. Roof Age – Like most things, roofs also have life expectancies. Depending on the construction and layer of shingles and how your roof was built, but most experts would say good roofing can lasts up to 20 to 25 years. Your roof can last that long as long as there’s preventive maintenance.
  5. Molds or Mildew on Ceiling Walls – Your roofs are exposed to natural forces of nature and if not maintained properly, molds, algaes, and fungus could grow all over your roof. You wouldn’t want that. These environmental build up could cause extensive damage if not maintained properly.

No matter how well a roof is built, in order to keep it in good shape, regular maintenance and inspections are still a must. If all else fails, the experts at Campbell Beard Roofing, a company you can trust for residential roofing and commercial roofing services. They can help you with the task of regularly doing roof maintenance and roof repair on your property, and thus, make sure that it will stay in good shape for decades.


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How to keep your hair healthy with essential oils

Many of us are going around and always looking for the next thing to help make our hair silkier or stronger or any other mixture or wants. The thing is that most of these products and creams and gels and foams that we are buying are not really doing a heck of a lot of good. These things are full of harsh chemicals that just give the short-term appearance of your hair being different. Take for example everyone’s fascination with using conditioner, that stuff is expensive and we (at least those of us with long hair) go through it much faster than we go through shampoo. The thing is, conditioner only helps your hair feel different right after you get out of the shower. Once you stop using conditioner, the moment when your hair is still kind of wet it can feel not as nice as with conditioner but then after your hair dries it is the exact same no matter if you use conditioner or not. All of these products just put a thick layer of all sorts of weird things on our hair so that we feel the film and not our own hair.

If you really want a way to do better things for your hair, calm down with the obsessive washing and products. Washing your hair every day strips it out and is overall causing much more damage than benefit. Try cutting down to only washing your hair every other day or so unless you are doing a lot of sports or swimming and really need to wash your hair every day.
essential oilsThe second thing is that if you are using anything in your hair that is just to make it nicer, thicker, smoother, whatever, I challenge you to go without it for two weeks and see what happens. If you notice that your hair is worse than go right back to using whatever product but I bet that it will instead be just the same. If you really want to put something nice on your hair you can try a little dab of essential oils. You can get these things in the store or online and it is essentially a small shot of all of the vitamins and whatever else that you want to have in your hair. Focus on the scalp not on the actual hair though since anything on the hair is just going to be washed off later. Your hair can’t absorb anything, remember that when you think about using any sort of products. With a little bit of essential oil on your scalp though you can at least make your skin healthier and usually have a nice scent that it not too overpowering unlike many of the scents that come along with a lot of the hair products that I have come into contact with.

Just give it a try and see what happens, it could end up saving you a lot of hassle and a lot of money being wasted on things that try to sell you false promises.

Recording time makes a big difference in music on vinyl records.

There are a few different factors that have contributed to the rise of certain kinds of records, vinyl being the most prominent among the group. Indeed, everything from the recording time of the record itself to the turntable on which the record is played makes a big difference when working out how best to introduce a record with the best recording time for music consumption. Indeed, the limitations of the medium – and current lack there of in the modern music world – has made a big impact on the way music is consumed by the general population. Therefore, tracking this progression throughout history is important for grasping why the digital era of music has become just so intriguing and powerful for the world. While musicians back in the early days of home music playing would never have dreamed that music could be physically stolen, this is a reality that advancement have brought along with them. Artists today, although they cater to the digital age, still do often put out vinyl records of their music. The vintage feel and sound of playing music on a record player is something that few other musical mediums can live up to.

The earliest records, made with an abrasive shellac material, did not give a lot of flexibility to artists in terms of the lengths of music they could create. You could not very well just stop midway through a piece and continue it on the other side of the record; the http://www.soundstagedirect.comdiscontinuity of this would have made the music have less of an impact on the listener. Instead, popular musicians kept their tracks to a minimum and symphonies were recorded back to back to back on many shellac 78’s in order to produce an entire symphony. This method was not ideal, but it served the purpose that it was meant to and at least gave people an opportunity to listen to the music that they so loved. For example, Verdi’s Opera Ernani was recorded on 40 discs, all single sided; Eddie Condon released a recording of his song “A Good Man is Hard to Find” in four separate parts on two discs. Musicians made do with the medium they had. However, large grooves and a scratchy sound made shellac records unsuitable for the future of the music industry. It was these large grooves that made it difficult to record more than five minutes of music on either side of these 12 inch records. That is why vinyl records were so revolutionary in their inception. Vinyl had been experimented with previously, but it was really the microgrooves and the microstylus that changed everything. Now, the records could be the same size but they could play a lot more music, as the medium of the vinyl allowed these smaller grooves to be created. The vinyl record made a huge leap forward for the music industry by providing that longer recording time that had been so desperately longed after. Now, a full forty five minutes could be heard across the 12 inch disc, and records became much more suitable for home use.

Metal awnings used as a solar device

A metal awning is a great solution for you to install on the exterior of a location.  This is due to their durability to withstand the forces of the outdoor environments.  A metal awning will have the ability to resist heat, as well.  In today’s society it seems to be very common that people are looking for any way that will be possible for people to have places that are powered by solar energy.  One way that your place can begin to take a step in this direction is to have customized metal awnings installed at your desired location.

If you would take a moment to think about what a solar panel is made out of this will make a little bit more sense to you.  Solar panels are typically made out of metal panels that are installed on the roofs of homes and or buildings that are used for businesses.  The natural sunlight that beams onto these solar panels is what then generates electricity for the home and or building.

Take this scenario and put those thoughts into what would come out of a metal awning.  There is a similar concept that would take place if there are metal awnings installed on the building or home.  The metal awnings will be on the exterior of the place.  They are typically installed above doors or at a higher point on the structure.  When the natural sunlight comes out and is shining on the metal awning there is something magical that will take place without you even realizing what is going on.  The natural sunlight that comes off of the metal awnings will be beneficial to areas that may include greenhouses.  Some places that have a professionally installed metal awning will have less heat that will enter the area that is below the awning.images (1)

If the area that is beneath the awning does not get hot, then there will be benefits in the electricity usage of those individuals.  During the summer months, there will be the most significant effects that will be noticeable under a metal awning area.  The air conditioning unit will not need to be ran as much during these months because the metal awning will be working to keep out a lot of the heat from the natural sunlight.

If the awnings are used for an exterior use but does not have an enclosed area underneath it the situation will still work in a similar manner.  The area that is beneath the metal awning may not stay as cool as an area that is enclosed, as well as underneath a metal awning.  The outdoor area that is not enclosed will just be looked at as an area that is being shaded by something called solar shading.  There will be a minimal amount of heat that will be allowed to enter the space, due to the fact that the natural sunlight shines directly down, or at a slightly left or right angle.  The natural sunlight will not be able to easily send its heat rays underneath the metal awning.

What do I do with all this stuff? Storage solutions for a pack-rat.


Do you have stuff piling up in your house but cringe at the thought of throwing any of it away? Have you moved several times and found yourself accumulating boxes and boxes of more and more stuff? Is your family frustrated with how unorganized and cluttered your home has become? If this sounds like you, it may be time to consider self-storage options.

Here are the Top 5 things to consider:

1. How much space do you need? What size unit should you get?

Determining what size storage unit you should get can be challenging. First you need to decide whether or not you will need to get to any of your stuff. If you have everything jam-packed into your unit, it will be very difficult to find something you may need down the road. Make sure to include some additional space to move through your unit with ease and always store the things you may need closest toward the front of the unit. If you know you will be accumulating more stuff for your storage space, then get a larger unit that you can grow into. It can be a pain moving from one unit to another.

2. How convenient is it?

Make sure you find a storage facility that is in close proximity to your home. If you plan to make frequent trips, then being closest to home is essential. Also, make sure that you have 24/7 access to your unit. There is nothing worse than realizing you need something but not being able to get to it. Get a unit that is easy to access in the building. Ground floor units with vehicle access are better than units on the top floor that you have to take an elevator to get to. This convenience will encourage you to use your storage unit instead of letting your stuff pile up at home.

3. Do you need climate control?

If you live in an area with a lot of humidity, it would be wise to get a climate-controlled storage unit. This prevents any moisture build up than can cause mold or mildew. Also, if you live in a place with extreme temperature changes, climate control can protect your valuables. Climate-controlled storage facilities also provide an indoor environment where you can access your unit comfortably even during rain or snow.

4. Is it secure?

Feeling safe at your storage unit is imperative. Make sure to ask the storage facility about their security features. Is there protection around the premises? How do you get access? Are there pass codes? Who provides the lock? What kind of lock is it? Is there an alarm? Are there security cameras? Is there good lighting at night?

5. How much does it cost?

Make sure to call around to storage facilities in your neighborhood first to get some price quotes. This way you can decide what works best with your budget. Most units can range from $30-$250/month depending on the size. It goes without saying that you are looking for the biggest space with the most amenities for the best price.

If you are in the Noblesville, Indiana area, call Mill Creek Self Storage for more information.

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Experience with linear air bearings virtually guarantees a job after graduation

It can be incredibly difficult for students entering and leaving college today to know how to compete in the employment market. With still higher than pre-recession levels of unemployment, it is increasingly necessary for people to get and complete their undergraduate degrees, and in many fields, it is almost impossible to break into without a graduate degree as well. This has pushed graduate school admissions higher than ever, but is that effort truly paying off, or are students simply delaying unemployment and adding on a lot of additional debt? There are a few ways to look at this, but one of the ways in which students can maximize their bang for their buck, especially in undergraduate universities, is to consider which industries and degrees have the lowest unemployment rate and the fewest barriers to entry into the job market with just an undergraduate degree. Then students who are already intent on going to college can focus their efforts in a more targeted way, if they are concerned primarily with working anyway. There are others who go to college simply to go to college, but this in particular looks at employment rates after graduation.

  • Engineering – This is one of a few technical fields where an undergraduate degree is more than enough to get a good job after graduation. Add in some internship experience with a firm like Alio Industries, and a student has an excellent entry way into the job market. linear motion systemsIf they can get hands on experience with a professional firm or even in a lab with something like precision air bearings, then they will be even more marketable than they already are. The different types of engineering fields all have slightly different unemployment rates but they are all still very low, and engineering combined with precision control system experience all but guarantees a student a job upon graduation.
  • Teaching – Some people do not pursue a teaching degree or certification until after they have already completed a degree in another field, but for those who know they want to become teachers and pursue that actively through their undergraduate program, there are always jobs for teachers. This is certainly not the highest paying field a student would choose to enter, but many do it because they love what they do. Their job satisfaction is typically high, though their biggest complaint is always low pay, and a good teacher with a degree will not have trouble finding a job in a middle or high school anywhere in the United States.
  • Sciences – This is not typically an area where most people assume they will do something other than go on to medicine, but students with biology and chemistry and other natural sciences degrees are actually in high demand. They can be needed for a variety of areas and sectors from government agencies to firms looking to develop new products or innovations, to even something like a pharmacy or lab work. It might not be glamorous work or even an area that a child thought they would go into, but it is work in high demand.

How to properly install window treatments

There are many different types of window treatments, such as blinds, shutters, shades, and curtains. Each type, except for curtains, also come in a wide variety of woods, faux woods, plastics, and fabrics. Along with those types comes various hinges, levies, cord systems, cordless systems, cordlock operating systems, motorized systems, etc. Needless to say, there are numerous ways to install window treatments, all pending on the type of window treatment that you choose to purchase. Since there are many options and brands, this article will show simple installation methods using the Hunter Douglas brand.Hunter Douglas shades

  1. How to install blinds. Installing blinds can vary pending on the blind that you purchase. Hunter Douglas blinds can be installed by first mounting the installation brackets. This can be done through either an inside mount, outside mount or ceiling mount. Once mounted, you can install the blind using valance or cornice clips. Then, you want to mount the headrail and attach the wand. Next, you attach the valance and hold-down brackets, if necessary, and then you can operate your blinds!
  2. How to install shutters. Installing shutters is more complicated then blinds as there are a wider variety of options for shutters. Shutters can be interior or exterior and can come individually hinged, folded panels, track systems, inside or outside mountings, etc. Hunter Douglas hardwood shutters can be installed by first assembling and installing the frame. The next step is to mount the panels and hang strip installation. If there is a bi-fold track system, then you would install the frame and support brackets, attach the aluminum track, attach the shutter panels and fix the adjustment. Next, you install the bottom track, if you choose to add it, and the optional valance.
  3. How to install shades. There are numerous options of shades as well. Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades, with cordlock lifting systems, can be installed by first mounting the installation brackets, choosing from an inside mount, outside mount or end mount. Next, you install the shade and attach the hold-down brackets, which is optional and you are finished. There are also motorized shades. Installing motorized shades starts with installing the cassette mounting bracket or the non-cassette mounting bracket, pending what you bought. Next, you install the shade by first installing the cassette and the motor shade. The last step is to connect the power and use your remote control.
  4. How to install curtains. Curtains can come with rings or with slits in the top to place through the rod. In order to hang curtains, you must first choose where to hang the curtain rod. The next step is to position the brackets and secure them into the wall. Attach the rod and the rings, if you have rings, and attach the curtain.

Again, these are very basic instructions of how to hang various window treatments for your home. Do not hesitate to contact a company such as Windows of Opportunity, that provides window treatment installations if you have any questions or hesitancy towards installing any of these window treatments on your own.

Braces through the Years

If you were asked to guess the year braces were first used, how far back would you go? Your first guess would probably during the early to mid 1900 considering that was the time steel was utilized. It could also be around 17th century since during this time period dentistry as a discipline and industry started to bloom.

Surprisingly according to historians, the first know use of dental braces could be traced as far back as the time of Aristotle. Dug mummified remains claimed to have come from this particular period was found out to have metals bands around their teeth. Archaeologists also found what appeared to be an animal’s intestine made into fiber with the purpose of closing the gaps between the teeth. If you think about it, this is the same principle being used in orthodontics to solve this kind issue. Another example was when they dug up a body and saw that its teeth were bound together with what appeared to be wire made of gold. Some scholars even claim that people in the past used pressure from fingers to solve dental problems. However all this is conjecture considering that we never truly known why they actually have those in their teeth.

invisalign braces


While dentistry started to gain popularity in the 1700s, it was in the early 18th century that the specialization we now today as orthodontics began to develop. According to historians, Pierre Fauchard, a French dentist, can be considered as the first orthodontist when he published his method on how to straighten teeth. He used a device that was made of iron and shaped like a horseshoe to widen the upper palate.

It was during the middle of the 19th century that orthodontics as a real discipline began to emerge. Many dentists during this period helped develop and advance braces. It was with the introduction of the wire crib in 1819 that cosmetic dentistry the big start that it needed. Different types of materials ranging from steel to gold and even platinum were being used. By 1843 Edward Maynard started using gum elastics and 7 years lates E.J. Tucker introduced to the world the use of rubber bands for braces. Though gold became the choice for the metal frame it was in 1960 that stainless steel became the norm. Gold however is still being used today especially for those who are allergic to nickel, a component of steel.

Nowadays patients facing dental issues have a wider choice when it comes to treatments. They can opt to wear the traditional braces that continue to use metal brackets or the clear ones that use ceramic. There are even braces that are attached to the back of the tooth so that it does not show. The use has become so common that there are even people wearing them to make a fashion statement. Indeed we have come a long way when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. So what does the future hold for us? Who knows? Maybe in the future we get to wear electronic braces.


Do Not Make the Mistake of Investing in Sub-Par Healthcare Marketing Strategies.

healthcare marketingMarketing is at the heart of why most companies are successful.  Whether small or large, businesses depend on people, for business.  For that reason, it is necessary to come up with a way to garner positive attention from your potential client base.  This is even true of professionals, such as doctors.  After all, in a marketing sense, a medical practice is a lot like any other business.  In either case, it is necessary that people know about your business or practice.  Because healthcare is its own unique industry, though, it is important to find marketing experts who have experience that specifically pertains to healthcare marketing.  This is extremely important for small practices, as it is easy to make the mistake of investing in a sub-par marketing firm, without the proper healthcare marketing experience and knowhow.

While knowhow of the medical field is of the utmost importance, for healthcare marketing firms, so is knowledge pertaining to the internet.  Specifically, marketing experts, regardless of their specific area of expertise, need to know how to use the internet to gain good publicity.  Without being able to use the internet to your advantage, to inform people about your service, your marketing strategy is not going to be effective.  In short, the internet is one of the most vital resources to marketing your medical practice, just as it is crucial in every other marketing field.

The most basic level of how you should be using the internet to your advantage is merely having a helpful website.  Websites are crucial to the survival of any business or institution, and medical practices are certainly no exception.  What a website does is give an online image and presence to your practice.  This is nearly as important as the physical location of your practice, since it will likely be the first means through which your patients will interact with you and your practice.  A medical practice’s website should accomplish many of the same goals that any other website would, for any other business.  The way in which you must go about healthcare website design is often a bit different, though, and the stakes, if anything, are even higher.

Having a profession website, while key, is only the first step to marketing your practice, over the internet, though.  At the end of the day, just having website is like having a physical location of your business.  It is highly important, but it is still useless, without patients.  That is to say that you need a way to direct people to your website, when they are online, looking for medical help.  One of these ways is advertising, which can be effective, but it not reliable as your sole marketing strategy.  PPC, or pay per click advertising is based around the notion that clients will click on your ad, if they want your services.  When this happens, the marketing firm collects a small fee.  That is why it is important to find a marketing agency that will help get you healthcare leads, without charging too much for their healthcare PPC ads.

The power of endorsements by athletes

Becoming a professional athlete takes a lot of hard work. It can take years of training, working out, weight lifting and practice to become a professional athlete. A professional athlete has dedicated much of their life to their profession and to staying in shape. Who doesn’t admire the athletic skills and physiques of professional athletes? Children idolize their favorite baseball players, football players, soccer players and hockey players. They look up to them for their athletic skills and endurance.athlete endorsements

This is why athletes are great candidates for product endorsements. Even if one were to catch of a glimpse of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers eating a delicious Honey Stinger honey waffle on the sidelines, then that would be great exposure for the Honey Stinger brand. Now imagine if Aaron Rodgers was eating one while interviewing after winning a game! That would probably be a little trickier but even if he were holding a delicious Honey Stinger waffle while walking into the locker room would make for a great product placement for the Honey Stinger brand.

Athlete marketing is a good way to market brands, especially those brands that are in the energy food industry or energy drink industry. That same company mentioned above, Honey Stinger, is a honey-based energy food company that is used by athletes all over the United States. Since it is a healthy option that provides natural sustainable energy, Honey Stinger products are also eaten as snacks by runners, by bikers, by hikers, and by children. They can really be eaten at any time, before, during and after a workout. The brand exposure that can boost Honey Stinger sales is enormous when a celebrity such as Aaron Rodgers is seen eating a Honey Stinger waffle on the sidelines of an important game.

Athlete appearances are also key to brand marketing. Getting a famous athlete to an event that is sponsored by a company is great exposure for that company. Athletes have a powerful influence over the public because so many people look up to them. Athlete appearances can include having an athlete appear at an event, having one speak at an event, sign autographs or show up to a corporate event to play a game of soccer or throw a football around with the children.

Imagine getting Michael Phelps to show up at a large race sponsored by the energy-drink company Nuun. Just getting him there is a huge amount of exposure, not only at the event but also in the media, online media and social media. Now imagine if Michael Phelps were to tweet about his experience at the Nuun event or even tweet that he was there. That is even more prime athlete marketing at its best!

There is a company that is based in Los Angeles that provides athlete endorsements and marketing through the use of athletes. The FIMI Group targets your key market and finds ways to match that market with the right athlete or celebrity. Check out the FIMI Group website at

Construction Contractors Need to Hire Contractor Marketing Specialists, Rather than Marketing Agents, without that Specific Focus.

contractor marketingAny business revolves around its customer base, so if you are still in the process of establishing your customer base, which you likely are, it is highly important that you find a way to attract customers.  This is usually done through a combination of marketing and advertising.  Though every one with even the slightest bit if business sense knows that marketing is crucial to success, far too few business owners know enough about marketing.  Because of this, they are forced to hire outside marketing companies.  Outside marketing agencies are a must, when it comes to most businesses, and you should not put off hiring one.  Still, you cannot simply hire the first agency you find, since different agencies have different rates of success, as well as different specialties.  Your money will be best spent, if you can hone in on what, specifically, you need from a marketing agency. Construction contractors need to hire contractor marketing specialists, rather than marketing agents, without that specific focus.

While marketing used to be very different, before the rise of the internet, today, online marketing is the most important aspect of the field, on which to focus your energies.  Online marketing is such a vast and important industry, today, and it is broken down into many different components, all of which, arguably, are important.  Before you can worry about marketing your business, though, you need to have a good website, as that is the cornerstone of your business’s online identity.  Furthermore, in order to have a website that does your business justice, you should invest in contractor website design, as merely having a website has not been good enough, since the late nineties.  Today, in order for your business to be taken seriously, you need to have a professional website, that is informative, engaging, and easily accessible, to your client base.

While the informative, professional, and engaging aspects of your website are completely based upon the website itself, its accessibility is based upon the likelihood that people who are online will find it.  This, as you may or may not know, can be influenced if you know a thing or two about online marketing and, specifically, a field, known as search engine optimization.  Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a process by which online marketing professionals use keywords, within articles or other forms of web content, to increase the likelihood that those pages will appear in a search engine search.  Since they are using the very phrases that people looking for local construction help use, contractor SEO agencies can drastically improve the odds of your website being on the first page of people’s search engine results.

Though it is perhaps not as large of an industry, yet, PPC, or pay per click, advertising is another way in which local businesses are improving the odds of being found online, by their customer base.  PPC advertising, as the name implies, is a style of advertisement that appears online.  When people click on the ad, they are taken to your site, and the marketing agency collects a fee, which is usually quite inconsequential.

Garage door screens to keep out bugs

In the summer months of the year there can be a lot of pests that can enter into your garage.  The main source of entry is commonly known as the garage door.  Due to the fact that a garage door typically is not sealed the tightest, there is usually enough space for small rodents to enter into the garage.  Whether there are spiders, ants, flies, mosquitos, or any other small insects that are able to fit through the cracks of the garage door.  You may get annoyed easily by these things but there is a new invention that has come about recently that may be the solution to your problems.

On your front door of your home you may have installed a screen.  If you think back to the reason that you wanted a screen it may have been for several different reasons.  One of the reasons may have been because you would like to be able to open your big winter door and let some of the summer or fall fresh air into your home.  You may like to sit with your door open a little bit but still be able to keep out all the nasty bugs and insects from your home.

Well if you think about it the same thing could go for your garage door.  If you currently have an older style garage door on your home, you may want to consider this invention for you new garage door replacement.  This garage door screen will do wonders for your garage and home.  You will be amazed at how many spiders you will be able to keep out of your garage.  Nobody likes to walk into their garage and be clothes lined by a spider’s web.  It can be rather annoying when you have to take a broom to our garage on a daily basis just to take down all of the spider webs.

The people who have purchase those electrical units that capture bugs in insects may not be the most common solution after this invention has come out.  Those old school lights attract bugs to the light and they zap them with the electricity.  The voltage from the electricity kills the bugs and insects.  You may also not want this because there could be potential electrical problems can be very dangerous for the people around it as well as the people who are living in that home.   Instead of killing all of those bugs you can simply just install this garage door screen over your garage door opening to keep them out.

When you are consulting with Colorado Garage Door company about performing your next garage door replacement on your home, you can ask about the garage door screen that is available.  This is something that could easily be added onto the inside of your garage at the time of the garage door installation.  The garage door screen can be either made by yourself with chicken wiring or it can be bought from a store and professionally installed.