The rise of self storage has been impressive.

I think it has been fascinating to see the rise of self storage units and the talk about them after the airing of a recent television series.  You probably know the one about which I am talking.  It is called “Storage Wars” and focuses on the auctions that take place when a unit no longer is making payments.  I do not think that I have ever seen someone come across something that is awesome, but the show is still very intriguing.  One of the things that I really like about the show is the characters that are involved.  Many of the people on the show are just the strangest people that you would come across and I always find that I am very surprised by some of the things that they say.  One of the things that I would like to find out is how they scout out these different locations.

self storageIn Denver, we have a number of self storage units. This is not a new thing to the city, but I have to say that I have noticed many of the trendier units recently.  There is this one building that is by our ball field and it looks like only the young and the hip could use it as a storage unit.  I think that it would be pretty cool to see all of the stuff that people have packed away into some of the units.  I guess that that is the beauty of a self storage unit: You can do what everything that you want to do with it, except for live in it.

My father had a friend that used to live in my hometown and he owned a storage unit for a period of time.  Hearing some of the stories about people living in the units and all of the crazy stuff that he would find kind of creeped me out.  However, the emergence of this television show makes it much more likely for me to check out a storage unit as an option should I ever need to store something like that.  I think that it would be very cool to be able to store your stuff in a place that allows for you to access it whenever.  I would love for it to be right next to my house like my own personal storage unit.  I guess that would be a garage.

Many people are using the storage facilities to store their scooters in Denver. This is a pretty regular occurrence here as many of the people that live in the city ride scooters during the summer and fall and do not have ways to store it during the winter.  That is where the self storage units allow for people to have greater flexibility. I know that if I ever decided to get a scooter, I would be looking to store it when I got the chance to do something like that.  I would definitely consider getting a scooter, if it meant that I would be able to store it during the winter.


When it comes to the art of gift giving, the smallest details separate a great gift from something that will probably spend its life in the hall closet. There a lot of different types of gifts for different types of relationships, this also is a deciding factor when seeking the perfect gift. What might be just right for a family member may not work at all for a sweetheart. What might bring so much pleasure to a close friend may be ill received by a workmate. Considering all these fact, there are two things that a gift should always be; original and useful. If a present has that unique vibe that sets it apart from other things a person has gotten, it will make the individual feel special and important. If the gift is something useful, the item may find its way into daily use in the person’s home or office and they will often think of you as they use their excellent gift, day in and day out. One thing that makes an amazing and unique gift that will be used all the time are some beautiful window coverings.

Window coverings are such a great gift because you can be certain that no one else will have gotten your person the same present. All you need to do is pay attention to what the favorite styles or patterns are of the special person and then use that information to go out and get some great window coverings. If you buy someone some elegant window blinds, you can rest assured that they will be one gift that they use all the time. The blinds will be in their home or office 365 days a year, just reminding them that they have such a creative and thoughtful friends or lover. The chances are excellent that the person in question has probably never received a gift like yours in all their lives. When a person gives someone something as special as fun window coverings, it sets them apart from everyone else.

There are also a lot of places out there that let you add a custom touch to your window coverings. So, if you have a friend who is obsessed with a certain sports team, why not give them some custom shutters with their teams colors printed on? Now you not only an amazingly useful gift that will be of constant use, you also have something that represents the person’s personality or their passion.

If you are not certain what is the best window covering for a gift, why not get the person a gift card from a window covering supplier? With a gift card you will be able to let the person make the selection for just the window covering that best fits them. You will not have to risk getting a window covering that the person or someone else that they life with, finds unattractive. A window covering gift card is also ideal for a house warming gift or a wedding present, any time a person moves is a  great opportunity to present them with the gift of new window coverings.

How to find the right radon mitigation services for your home

A home owner’s biggest fear about home repairs is being caught off guard by a big, emergent, expensive repair that might cost them a small fortune. Even worse is damage that your home owner’s insurance might not cover, so reading the policy thoroughly before buying it and owning a home is critical. There are additional riders that can be purchased to cover things like floods or fires if they are not usually required in the area you are living in.

Imagine the fear as a home owner to discover that your home has elevated levels of radon in a neighborhood inspection. It sounds scary, but luckily, it is quite a simple fix, and an affordable one. This is one of the “best” possible repairs a home owner has to make because there are a variety of environmental remediation services available from several vendors to help any home owner rid their home of elevated radon levels. Some radon present is quite normal, but only below a certain level is the exposure a safe one.

Finding the right radon remediation services for you is as simple as one, two, and three.

  1. Call around to get an estimate. There are a variety of vendors, such as Mountain Mitigations, that offer free estimates and timely visits to do so. They understand that you are concerned about being exposed to higher than usual levels of radon and are willing and able to respond rapidly. Only by calling around and getting several estimates will you be able to compare the best possible price and services to help you made the right choice.
  2. If possible, read reviews or call references if they have them available. Finding someone environmental remediationonline who has had a positive experience with a company, or better yet, knowing a friend or family member who has been through this same thing and really liked the company they used is invaluable information when it comes to selecting a vendor that fits your needs. Also important is a vendor who fits your budget, and much like any other home repair, checking with your insurance provider to see if it is covered or if they have any preferred vendors might help save you some more money as well.
  3. Finally, schedule a time for the selected vendor to come to the house and begin the radon mitigation process. Most companies will check back in regularly as a part of their service guarantee, and since it is ultimately a fairly simple fix, it can usually be done in a single morning by one or two technicians.

Hiring the right services for you and your family will help give you the peace of mind you need to know that your family is no longer sleeping in a home with elevated radon levels. You cannot put a price on that, but if you have to, the cost for this repair is actually quite affordable. Hearing the word “radon” might scream danger to some people, but after a little bit of research any home owner will realize this is one of the better problems to have with a house.

Home remodeling is a great way to ensure your home will sell for a decent price.

I spoke with someone the other day who was selling their house after living in it for twenty seven years. She was a single mother who worked as a high school teacher and lived in home additionsthe home that her husband and her bought together before they were divorced about six years after they bought the house. Because of her financial situation even with his help with child support she wasn’t able to keep up on the home remodeling that was necessary throughout the years to maintain the home. When she was offered a job that paid more money and was in a new city she jumped on the opportunity but regretted that she never was able to keep up on the maintenance of her house. She tried selling it to an investor but even he wouldn’t have anything to do with it because of the foundation. “I didn’t realize that remodeling your home had so much to do with the ultimate value of the home when you needed to sell it. I mean I never thought I’d get offered this job so I wasn’t even considering this through all the years I lived there but now I wish I had.” For this woman she will be able to find a way to get her home together in a way to get a decent price out of it because from what she says it seems like a good space to live.

After chatting with this woman I realized that home renovations aren’t just about making your home fancier, it’s about keeping it nice so that if you do decide to move you can sell it for what it’s worth. Not everyone has the money to keep up on these types of things but there are companies out there that are understanding and affordable. One such company is Landis Construction out of Washington D.C. They are family run company that has been in business for twenty five years. They care deeply about their customers and show it by allowing them to be a part of the design process. They believe that your home is your sacred space and they want you to be a part of creating the space that you desire. Knowing about Landis I feel confident that if ever I need to give my house a good clean up just for the sake of maintenance I can give them a call.

Of course home remodeling such as bath additions and kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be only for the sake of making your home worth more money. It can also be because you want to live in a fresh and comfortable space. Landis Construction is here to help you get the space that you have always wanted. Pop on their website and look at their stunning portfolio of homes they have helped design and build. You will be blown away. You could live in a home that looks like a celebrity lives there by connecting with Landis Construction. Don’t sell your home for less than it’s worth! Call Landis today.

Tips on picking out new window treatments for your home

Picking out new window treatments for your home can be a great home improvement project.  With just a little bit of work, you can have a whole new look and feel to your home, bring in natural light, and even make your home more energy efficient.  Replacing window treatments in your home can be a big job, so you will want to do your research and take your time picking out the right window treatments for you, so you do not need to do it again for many years.  We recently talked to the experts over at Roth Interiors to find out the things you should consider before purchasing new window treatments for your home, here is a quick list of things you should consider:

1) Design: There are many different types of window treatments which you can purchase for your home.  blinds or shutters offer a more traditional look; roman blinds can bring in something new and excited; or drapes can be a fun alternative if you are looking for something a little bit less traditional.  Within each of these categories, you have other choices as well.  For example, shutter can come in many different styles and materials.  You can choose from simple plastic shutters, to elegant wooden shutters. You can also choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns. If you are unsure of what you want, many places that sell window coverings also offer design consultations.  They have experts on hand who will come visit you in your home, get a sense of your own personal style, and help you to decide on window treatments which will work well for you.

2) Practicality: While some people choose to get new window covering purely for aestetic purposes, other people look more towards the practical side of getting new window treatments for their home.  There are many practical applications for window treatments including:

- Energy efficiency: Many window treatments are designed with energy efficinecy in mind.  These blinds work to keep out the heat in the summer, and insulate the home in the winter.  Having blinds which work to insulate the home can drastically cut down on monthly enegey spending.  Additionally, you can buy blinds which encourage natural light in a room, which will cut down on how often you need to have your lights on during the day.  This will also help to cut down on your energy consumption.

- Cleanliness: Some people choose blinds which are very easy to maintain and keep clean. Blinds with hard surfaces, such as plastic, are easy to dust off every day and help keep your home clean and fresh.

3) Privacy: If you live somewhere where your neighbors are close by, you will want to purchase window coverings which keep out the noise and help with privacy.  If, on the other hand, you live in a large home with very few neighbors, you may want to take advantage of that by getting sheer curtains which let in all of the lovely natural light.

These are just a few things to consider before installing new window coverings in your home.

Levin Family Dental is a well respected dental practice in Denver.

veneersLevin Family Dental is one of the top dental practices in the Denver area. Their practice has been featured in one of Denver’s most trusted and respected local magazines for many years and continues to gain a positive reputation. Doctor Levin and Doctor Derse employ a talented team of professionals who seek to provide the highest quality of service and care for every patient. Levin Family Dental offers a wide variety of dental services, both general and cosmetic. Cosmetic dentistry is generally considered to include any dental procedure that is performed solely to improve the appearance of one’s teeth and smile. However, some cosmetic dental procedures work both to improve appearance and improve the function and structure of the patient’s teeth. Levin Family Dental offers many general dental procedures such as routine cleaning and exams, tooth extraction, crowns, and complete or partial dentures. While they are well respected in the Denver dental world for their general dentistry practices, Levin Family Dental has gained recognition and popularity in recent years for their excellent cosmetic dental services. Below is a list of some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures that are offered by Levin Family Dental.

1. Dental implants

Dental implants are the most common procedure for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are made of an artificial material that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth. They are meant to be permanent structures and are anchored in to the patient’s mouth using a screw that is implanted in to the bone of the patient’s jaw.

2. Porcelain bridge

A bridge is an alternative option to implants for replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth. The only difference between a crown and a bridge is the procedure for implantation. A bridge is fixed in place using a porcelain crown that attaches the bridge to the two neighboring teeth, instead of using a screw as an anchor like with the dental implant. Crowns seem to be more popular these days due to their higher success rates and lack of reliance on neighboring teeth.

3. Whitening or bleaching of the teeth

Teeth whitening or bleaching is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures. At Levin Family Dental there are a couple of different methods to choose from, one that is in house and one that is out of house. The in house procedure requires the patient to come in to the office for a couple of hours, but the results are almost instant. The at-home method still yields great results, but over a period of time.

4. Veneers

Veneers are another very popular cosmetic dental procedure that can be used to fix a number of different problems. Veneers are very thin porcelain laminates that are bonded directly to the front of the patient’s natural tooth. Veneers can be used to fill minor gaps between the teeth, cover discolored or stained teeth, repair chips or imperfections, and improve the overall appearance of one’s teeth and smile.

If you are considering having a cosmetic dental procedure, call Levin Family Dental today!


Opting to move into a home or apartment which is pre furnished can cut out a huge amount of the stress that is involved in moving to a new place. These days more than ever people are looking for homes and apartments that come furnished. You stand to save thousands of dollars in moving costs and the whole headache of hiring a service to come and pick up your stuff, plus a few friends you need to help you organize the living space once it is all moves in. Also, if you are renting house then you know that sometime in the future you are going to have to undergo the entire process of moving once again. If you are single you might consider that one day you will be sharing a living space with another person and when that day comes, there are usually some pretty intense arguments about whose stuff is going to stay and whose stuff is going to get set out of the curb. With all these things to consider, the best option when it comes to renting is to get a place the already has all the stuff you need for home life; a bed, a couch, some seats and chairs and kitchen items. Moving into a furnished home is a great option, but like anything else that is pre owned you are probably going to want to make sure the things that you spend a good part of your time with are clean, and that is when you call in an upholstery cleaning service.

In general, a landlord is going to do a good job of getting a place fixed up before a new renter moves in. usually, the landlord has the walls painted and the kitchen scrubbed down from top to bottom. Most of the time the owner of a rental property will even call in a carpet cleaning team to get the floors looking nice, but the upholstery of the home’s furniture can be a different story altogether and while it may seem clean, appearances can be misleading. You have no idea about the people who lived in your rental area before you. Some people can be very tuff of their furniture, eating on it, sleeping on it and a million other things that might go best unmentioned. A good upholstery cleaning will go a long way to making sure that your couch and sofa are not hiding unwanted odors left by the last tenant.

The other reason to get upholstery cleaned professionally when you come to a new house is that it can make sure the furniture is sterile. While a sofa might appear to be clean, without stains or obvious wear, it might still be hiding germs and bacteria left over from the previous occupant’s life. If you just call up a cleaning service as soon as you move in you won’t have to torture yourself with thoughts of unseen bugs and who knows what else living deep under your couch cushions.


Just like millions of other people who rent offices or apartments every year, when it comes time to finishing your lease and heading some place new, you need to leave things in order. You do not want to take any chances of losing your leasing bond when you vacate your home or office space and you know that landlords can be very unforgiving about how a space is left. The smallest problem can turn into serious issues that cause you to loss thousands of dollars on your return lease. At Fremantle bond cleaning, they promise you an amazing job at an affordable price so you don’t have to worry about flushing money down the toilet.

Last year when I moved from Joondalup to Fremantle, I had to have the office I was leasing cleaned in order to recover my deposit. For me it was no problem because my brother works in Joondalup vacate cleaning, on the north side of town. It was someone I could trust and of course they gave me a pretty good price. I was happy and most importantly my leaser was happy which means, I got my full deposit back and there was no trouble at all. The day the inspector came by to see the office, he found it so cleans that he had a hard time believing I had ever even used the place. The inspector even asked if anyone had ever walked through the door. Of course, before the cleaners came, it was no secret that the office had gone through a lot of heavy use. The walks were filthy and the floors looked like a marching band had been using them to practice their routines for the last six month. In the end I left happy and didn’t have a single complaint.

Once I got to Fremantle I found a great new office and things were going great. I leased with great success and business had never been batter but fate threw another twist at me and we got a great job offer in the capital city so it was time to call in another cleaning company. Fortunately for us, one of our secretaries knew about Fremantle bond cleaning and we were able to set up an appointment in no time. The people who came out were very friendly and accommodating and after I let them into the office I was off for a business meeting across town. By the time I got back to the office, the whole place was spotless and the crew was just packing up to leave. I couldn’t have asked more from my end of lease, cleaning service.

My advice to anyone who is about to finish their lease; go with somebody you trust and who has a good reputation around town. Making the wrong choice could wind up costing you big time when you finish your lease so do it right and do it once.

RoofCorp Inc.- the best of roofing services in Denver

roofersRoofing is a really tricky affair but when done properly it produces amazing results. There are so many roofing options that you can take with you. It all depends on what you love and how you want it done. When you have a clear idea as to what you really want your roof to look like you simply need to get in touch with a roofing contractor. If you are in places like Denver, RoofCorp Inc. is one of the best roofing contractors that you can access. The services that this company offers are, simply put, over the roof!

The first thing you will love about RoofCorp is the fact that their services are very professional. This is because they have the best of experts in the roofing industry. In other words, when you get in touch with them, you are assured that you will get remarkably great roofing services. These people do not compromise on the quality of the roofing services that they deliver to their clients. It is because of the high quality of their service that they have been able to create a large client base. 

Worth mentioning is the variety of services that you will find at RoofCorp Inc. This company offers a wide variety of products and services- the finest in the roofing industry. If your problem has to do with the roof you can always rest assured that RoofCorp will have the solution for you. Are you looking for someone who will offer high quality roofing repairs and replacement? All you have to do is contact RoofCorp. 

Roof installation can cost you a fortune. This is mostly if you seek services from the wrong company. There are so many companies that offer roof installation but when you contract the services offered by RoofCorp you are assured of great prices. This company has been provided excellent roofing services and products for over 17 years. Their prices are among the finest in Metro Denver. You do not have to pay half the national debt to afford these services. 

There are some companies that as sense of time. RoofCorp Inc. is most definitely not one of such companies. How fast do you need the roof installed? They will send a team of experts who will get the roof completed very fast but also perfectly. They always work in teams so as to ensure that they are able to complete the task given within the shortest time possible. At the same time, they are able to deliver nothing short of wonderful results. 

It therefore does not really matter what kind of service you are looking for. It could be roof repair or total replacement of the roof- they will get it done for you. There is no task too big or too small for RoofCorp to complete. If you need help, they will call. Simply contact them by visiting their website to find out more. Their contacts are also available on the website and you can also chat live with their customer service representatives. You can get free estimates for the Metro Denver area through this website.

Get the visibility your company deserves with a domain name

domain names

You have worked hard building the necessary business connections and doing market research so you can bring your product to market. Like the man small businesses that have come before you, price and spending are major issues. You cannot afford to make a misstep in marketing your product or there won’t be enough funding for future endeavors and changes to your business model. The thought of hiring a graphic and web designer to whip up a beautiful website is cringe worthy because that alone can cost thousands of dollars. What do you do? Well, the reason I am writing this article is because I was in your shoes not too long ago. In fact, just two years ago I was still in the lab drawing up schematics of my product and hoping that I could secure funding for research and development. Fast forward to today and my company is positively thriving and a lot of our success can be directly attributed to the wonderful site,

Because our budge was so slim I decided to work with a company that could not only provide me with a great domain name, but the tools necessary to create the site as well. With I found that and so much more because they are all about empowering their customers to let their imaginations run wild and create a thing of beauty. If you visit my site today you will see a visitor counter that has been installed in the bottom right corner (you have to scroll down past the side bar with the social media widgets), that counter has reset itself twice now and it can go up to 99,999 visitors. offers the highest security in SSL certificates. You need an SSL certificate in order to publish your site so it’s important to find the one that works best for you. Just like their web hosting bundles, offers different levels of SSL certificates based on the needs of your company. For our company, we found that the “intermediate” package was just right for our web hosting. It allows us to have up to fifteen different websites under one domain. Because we are an online auction that focuses on local agricultural goods we have many pages full of sensitive information. Taking payments and posting pictures of items up for bid are just a few of the things that we do on a daily basis, so it’s important to have the space and security we need.

Speaking of security, will back up your domain name every night at midnight with their nightly automated backups. They know that keeping your sensitive and vital information private is key to  your company so they take this very seriously. Your encrypted data is safe with and that goes for their mobile platforms as well. It’s important to consider using the mobile site builder and it’s 40 customizable drag and drop templates. You would be surprised at how much more success your company can have when it is accessible online from anyone’s smart phone.