Window treatments among top trends in redecorating in 2014

Deciding that it is time to renovate or redesign your home is a fun time in a home owner’s journey. Having the freedom to pick your own colors, materials, furniture, and any changes you want to make can be liberating and a great way of expressing yourself. Deciding which things to change, renovate, or redecorate though can be a difficult choice, particularly when constrained by a tight budget or other factors such as guests coming into town, or a busy work schedule. Whether you want to do it yourself or find an affordable way to make some changes, here are some of the hottest decorating tips out there in 2014.

  1. Painting or otherwise designing an accent wall. While paint is the easiest and most affordable to do yourself, many people are also finding that brick or stone make for elegant and classic looking accent walls in living rooms or bedrooms around the house. Buying the materials is more affordable than also buying the labor, and there are a lot of instructions out there for how to do these on your own. This is more affordable if you do it yourself, but will take longer, so you need to weigh those options carefully as a homeowner and be realistic and patient with yourself if you are going to do the work.
  2. Changing window coveringswindow treatments is a heavily overlooked decorating tip. Nearly all home owners underestimate how much a nice new set of blinds to match the paint and furniture can really change the look of a room. For example, you might never have thought to put plantation shades in your home but for many they offer just the right amount of flexibility in terms of light and air allowed in and out with the luxurious feel of elegant window coverings. There are a lot of terrific vendors out there, such as One Stop Decorating in Kansas City, who can help you find the right type of blinds or shutters for any room in your house.
  3. Dark hardwood floors have become incredibly trendy over the past couple of years, and are popping up everywhere in new homes and renovations. They are elegant, easy to clean, hide dirt and scratches easily, and match very well with almost any color kitchen cabinet, paint, or granite counter top. You just have to be careful when designing that the rest of the room stays on the lighter side so that it does not become overwhelmingly dark or seem like it is too small of a room. Dark hardwood floors with white or off white kitchen cabinets and grey granite counter tops is one of the most requested kitchen renovations around.

As you can see, there are a variety of different techniques and styles that a home owner can apply. Some are do it yourself, others are more complicated do it yourself, and others still likely require professional installation of some sort. These are just a few of many ideas out there, so make sure to look around and figure out what works best for your home.

The very best in nail and hair coloring


Sometimes I can be a pretty typical guy. I like to watch football, I have been known to leave the seat up and when it comes time for birthday presents I see nothing wrong with giving a gift certificate. The way I figure it whoever gets a gift certificate is guaranteed to find something they like if it is bought for the right store. People in my family know me as the guy who gives gift cards for Christmas and birthdays but I haven’t had any complaints yet.

For my mother’s birthday last month I bought her a gift card to La Tierra salon and Day spa. This is an Aveda salon in the South Metro area. They are known for carrying a lot of products that women like and they’re also known for having excellent customer service. I want my mom to feel comfortable when she goes in for her visit so that is why I chose this establishment. This salon and Day spa has been open since 2005 and from what I have read on customer review sites it routinely gets great scores and reviews. They offer lot of different services such as waxing and tenting, haircoloring, skincare, nail coloring and more. They are an all-around beauty salon and one that I feel comfortable sending my mother too. Since I didn’t know which service she would find the most appealing I just bought her a set amount that she can draw from.

As it turns out, my mother’s main goal when visiting this hair salon was to get a massage. She recently had surgery to separate some fused vertebrae in her back and I know that she is dealing with constant pain. Their massages start with a foot soak and can include things such as a deep tissue massage, chakra and hot stone. I recommended that my mother get the hot stone treatment because the aim of hot stone therapy is to relieve stress on your pressure points. They usually last an hour and a half and at the end of it you feel completely relaxed and free. Since La Tierra boasts some of the best male therapist, massage therapist and aestheticians all of whom are carefully chosen I know that my mother will be in good hands. I’ve encouraged her to call and set up an appointment at the spa but I don’t know if she has done so yet. The other day I saw her on the website looking at the Rosemary mint awakening body wrap and she seemed very interested in this. This is a naturally and gentle exfoliating wrap that reduces redness and swelling and can restore your skin to looking beautiful again.

This is a salon I will be buying gift cards to for a long time. I can already tell that my wife and my sister would put these cards to great use and they could try another one of the body therapy treatments or even go for the foot reflexology. With an innovative approach to whole body wellness and helping one restore their bodies balance I can see La Tierra being successful for a very long time.

Architects are looking to go green.

Denver has been under some serious development as of late and I have to imagine that quite a bit of the progress being made is done through environmentally.  This is great for a city like ours to be making an environmentally sensitive statement.  When I say this, I think that it is important to look at the history of Denver and what we provide for our community.  Denver has long been known as the Queen City of the Plains and part of that is our ability to be self-dependent with our own industries.  We have a strong mining, oil and gas, and agricultural tradition, so when people start to think about green architecture, they do not necessarily think about Denver. Nevertheless, much of the new development in the city is being done up to LEED standards.  The development around Union Station is a very good example of this.  Although much of the development was done in the early 2000s, many more units of housing are being constructed now.  These units are in place to house up to 9,000 people, which is a huge boon for the area.  The additional units are being designed to be as green as possible by the architects.

darby architectsIn order to do so, many of the units are being built from recycled materials like concrete and glass from the previous buildings if there were any.  Many of them will also feature much more access to public transportation, natural lighting, and air.  It is actually kind of interesting to look atsustainable design today because it mirrors much of the design from the early 19th century.  The units try to capture the heat of the sun during the winter and have built in awnings so that the sun does not heat rooms during the summer.  It is a great way to look at development and one that I think is completely necessary right now.

The other thing to take into account is the number of architecture firms that are working on this.  Many of them are focusing on developing communities with identities for the coming future.  A great, local firm is called, Darby Architects, they focus on developing entire communities This is something that we will see more and more of as people start to look for places to live that do not involve them having to go driving everywhere.  I think that many people will start to look for housing that has access to restaurants, groceries, and shops all within walking distance.  That was one of the things that drove me, personally, to seek out housing that allowed for me to only drive when I had to go to work.  I can walk to the grocery store and just about everywhere else that I might need.  It is a great deal and I love being so close to everything.  That is what I think just about everyone is looking for these days.  Hopefully, all of it will be taken care of in no time in our city.

Accommodating My Needs with a Perfect Storage Unit

Whether you are packing away your winter clothes in preparation for summer or simply putting older clothes into storage for a rainy day, many people wonder at just the right kind of boxes to use to make sure their clothes stay in good condition while they hang out in a storage unit for a little while. One great first step you can take to protect your clothes is to work with a storage unit rental facility that offers you temperature controlled storage unit spaces instead of wondering at the kind of storage unit you should use, working with a storage unit that has temperature controls means that your storage unit will be temperature controlled and all of your belongings, including your clothing, will stay in much better condition. Storage Direct is one of those great storage unit rental facilities that will help you take better care of your personal items through their rental unit options. Pick out the right storage units by working with a company that cares about how you and your possessions fare while under their care.

Another way to protect any possession you have is by packing it up properly. In the case of items like clothing, mattresses, and furniture, protecting the fabric is of particular importance. When storinhttp://www.storagedirect.comg clothing, many people go with one of two boxing options and perhaps even both options. One of those options is packing everything in a large box, typically sized 18 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches. With these boxes, you can store any number of items from clothes to bedding to even pots and children’s toy’s. While you can absolutely pack these boxes to the brim, you will want to be carful not to pack them too much lest they become too heavy to carry! Packing all of your clothes carefully folded into a large box is one great way to pack up your clothes. Another great option is using a wardrobe box. These boxes are 24 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches and are made with a bar inside of them. Wardrobe boxes are specifically designed for clothing, bedding, and drapes. All of these items can use a cover to protect them from unwanted dust, dirt, and moisture, but tend to be especially safe in a wardrobe box.

If you are packing up drapes, furniture, and mattresses to be left in the open in your storage unit, then you should absolutely take the time to cover these items up with a furniture cover. While they will likely remain fairly safe in your storage unit, dust and moisture and dirt from moving are likely to seep in. Taking the right precautions to protect your possessions will have huge pay offs down the line for anyone who uses a storage unit. Making certain that your things are not only packed into a storage unit at a storage unit rental facility that you can trust
but that they are also packed carefully away will give you the peace of mind that you need as you pack away the things that are important to you!

The rise of self storage has been impressive.

I think it has been fascinating to see the rise of self storage units and the talk about them after the airing of a recent television series.  You probably know the one about which I am talking.  It is called “Storage Wars” and focuses on the auctions that take place when a unit no longer is making payments.  I do not think that I have ever seen someone come across something that is awesome, but the show is still very intriguing.  One of the things that I really like about the show is the characters that are involved.  Many of the people on the show are just the strangest people that you would come across and I always find that I am very surprised by some of the things that they say.  One of the things that I would like to find out is how they scout out these different locations.

self storageIn Denver, we have a number of self storage units. This is not a new thing to the city, but I have to say that I have noticed many of the trendier units recently.  There is this one building that is by our ball field and it looks like only the young and the hip could use it as a storage unit.  I think that it would be pretty cool to see all of the stuff that people have packed away into some of the units.  I guess that that is the beauty of a self storage unit: You can do what everything that you want to do with it, except for live in it.

My father had a friend that used to live in my hometown and he owned a storage unit for a period of time.  Hearing some of the stories about people living in the units and all of the crazy stuff that he would find kind of creeped me out.  However, the emergence of this television show makes it much more likely for me to check out a storage unit as an option should I ever need to store something like that.  I think that it would be very cool to be able to store your stuff in a place that allows for you to access it whenever.  I would love for it to be right next to my house like my own personal storage unit.  I guess that would be a garage.

Many people are using the storage facilities to store their scooters in Denver. This is a pretty regular occurrence here as many of the people that live in the city ride scooters during the summer and fall and do not have ways to store it during the winter.  That is where the self storage units allow for people to have greater flexibility. I know that if I ever decided to get a scooter, I would be looking to store it when I got the chance to do something like that.  I would definitely consider getting a scooter, if it meant that I would be able to store it during the winter.


When it comes to the art of gift giving, the smallest details separate a great gift from something that will probably spend its life in the hall closet. There a lot of different types of gifts for different types of relationships, this also is a deciding factor when seeking the perfect gift. What might be just right for a family member may not work at all for a sweetheart. What might bring so much pleasure to a close friend may be ill received by a workmate. Considering all these fact, there are two things that a gift should always be; original and useful. If a present has that unique vibe that sets it apart from other things a person has gotten, it will make the individual feel special and important. If the gift is something useful, the item may find its way into daily use in the person’s home or office and they will often think of you as they use their excellent gift, day in and day out. One thing that makes an amazing and unique gift that will be used all the time are some beautiful window coverings.

Window coverings are such a great gift because you can be certain that no one else will have gotten your person the same present. All you need to do is pay attention to what the favorite styles or patterns are of the special person and then use that information to go out and get some great window coverings. If you buy someone some elegant window blinds, you can rest assured that they will be one gift that they use all the time. The blinds will be in their home or office 365 days a year, just reminding them that they have such a creative and thoughtful friends or lover. The chances are excellent that the person in question has probably never received a gift like yours in all their lives. When a person gives someone something as special as fun window coverings, it sets them apart from everyone else.

There are also a lot of places out there that let you add a custom touch to your window coverings. So, if you have a friend who is obsessed with a certain sports team, why not give them some custom shutters with their teams colors printed on? Now you not only an amazingly useful gift that will be of constant use, you also have something that represents the person’s personality or their passion.

If you are not certain what is the best window covering for a gift, why not get the person a gift card from a window covering supplier? With a gift card you will be able to let the person make the selection for just the window covering that best fits them. You will not have to risk getting a window covering that the person or someone else that they life with, finds unattractive. A window covering gift card is also ideal for a house warming gift or a wedding present, any time a person moves is a  great opportunity to present them with the gift of new window coverings.

How to find the right radon mitigation services for your home

A home owner’s biggest fear about home repairs is being caught off guard by a big, emergent, expensive repair that might cost them a small fortune. Even worse is damage that your home owner’s insurance might not cover, so reading the policy thoroughly before buying it and owning a home is critical. There are additional riders that can be purchased to cover things like floods or fires if they are not usually required in the area you are living in.

Imagine the fear as a home owner to discover that your home has elevated levels of radon in a neighborhood inspection. It sounds scary, but luckily, it is quite a simple fix, and an affordable one. This is one of the “best” possible repairs a home owner has to make because there are a variety of environmental remediation services available from several vendors to help any home owner rid their home of elevated radon levels. Some radon present is quite normal, but only below a certain level is the exposure a safe one.

Finding the right radon remediation services for you is as simple as one, two, and three.

  1. Call around to get an estimate. There are a variety of vendors, such as Mountain Mitigations, that offer free estimates and timely visits to do so. They understand that you are concerned about being exposed to higher than usual levels of radon and are willing and able to respond rapidly. Only by calling around and getting several estimates will you be able to compare the best possible price and services to help you made the right choice.
  2. If possible, read reviews or call references if they have them available. Finding someone environmental remediationonline who has had a positive experience with a company, or better yet, knowing a friend or family member who has been through this same thing and really liked the company they used is invaluable information when it comes to selecting a vendor that fits your needs. Also important is a vendor who fits your budget, and much like any other home repair, checking with your insurance provider to see if it is covered or if they have any preferred vendors might help save you some more money as well.
  3. Finally, schedule a time for the selected vendor to come to the house and begin the radon mitigation process. Most companies will check back in regularly as a part of their service guarantee, and since it is ultimately a fairly simple fix, it can usually be done in a single morning by one or two technicians.

Hiring the right services for you and your family will help give you the peace of mind you need to know that your family is no longer sleeping in a home with elevated radon levels. You cannot put a price on that, but if you have to, the cost for this repair is actually quite affordable. Hearing the word “radon” might scream danger to some people, but after a little bit of research any home owner will realize this is one of the better problems to have with a house.

Home remodeling is a great way to ensure your home will sell for a decent price.

I spoke with someone the other day who was selling their house after living in it for twenty seven years. She was a single mother who worked as a high school teacher and lived in home additionsthe home that her husband and her bought together before they were divorced about six years after they bought the house. Because of her financial situation even with his help with child support she wasn’t able to keep up on the home remodeling that was necessary throughout the years to maintain the home. When she was offered a job that paid more money and was in a new city she jumped on the opportunity but regretted that she never was able to keep up on the maintenance of her house. She tried selling it to an investor but even he wouldn’t have anything to do with it because of the foundation. “I didn’t realize that remodeling your home had so much to do with the ultimate value of the home when you needed to sell it. I mean I never thought I’d get offered this job so I wasn’t even considering this through all the years I lived there but now I wish I had.” For this woman she will be able to find a way to get her home together in a way to get a decent price out of it because from what she says it seems like a good space to live.

After chatting with this woman I realized that home renovations aren’t just about making your home fancier, it’s about keeping it nice so that if you do decide to move you can sell it for what it’s worth. Not everyone has the money to keep up on these types of things but there are companies out there that are understanding and affordable. One such company is Landis Construction out of Washington D.C. They are family run company that has been in business for twenty five years. They care deeply about their customers and show it by allowing them to be a part of the design process. They believe that your home is your sacred space and they want you to be a part of creating the space that you desire. Knowing about Landis I feel confident that if ever I need to give my house a good clean up just for the sake of maintenance I can give them a call.

Of course home remodeling such as bath additions and kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be only for the sake of making your home worth more money. It can also be because you want to live in a fresh and comfortable space. Landis Construction is here to help you get the space that you have always wanted. Pop on their website and look at their stunning portfolio of homes they have helped design and build. You will be blown away. You could live in a home that looks like a celebrity lives there by connecting with Landis Construction. Don’t sell your home for less than it’s worth! Call Landis today.

All about locksmiths

There is an amazing amount of diversity amongst locksmiths in the United States. To an extent many states are trying to formalize the requirements for a person to become a locksmith or get some sort of a license but at the moment only nine states currently require the license. Outside of those nine states locksmiths can choose to get any different number of educational prospects from self taught to a training certificate to a full on diploma from an engineering college. So as you can see the education of these men and women can really greatly differ. Usually though, the kinds of locksmiths that you would call up to get back into your home or your car have gone through and gotten some sort of certificate or training on locks and can get through most normal locks in no time. Newer cars that are fully computerized probably take a bit longer but locksmiths are learning how to get into those as well.

locksmithAnother difference between some locksmiths in the United States is if the locksmith is from a company with a full on store front or if they are part of the locksmith population that consider themselves mobile locksmiths. These mobile locksmiths can work out of their home or their car and for them there is not much of a need to go through the payment and the hassle of running an actual storefront. If the only thing that the locksmith is doing is going to meet people to get them back into their car or home, this approach does make a lot more sense. The downside to this I guess is that things can seem a little bit shadier if there is not a storefront. I am not saying that this is always the case, but it feels different to a lot of customers. Another kind of locksmiths are the institutional or investigational locksmiths but those are not the kind that you usually call up when you have locked yourself out of your car. These kinds of locksmiths also usually specialize in one aspect of locks such as an automotive lock, a master key specialist or a safe technician.

Generally there are two parts to being a commercial locksmith, installing locks and other security measures in order to protect people’s cars, homes and businesses, and helping people who have locked themselves out, lost a key or had the lock break. Since there is not that much else for the day-to-day locksmiths, this is why often enough the mobile locksmith does not have a proper storefront. Most of the job is mobile and does not require the effort or the cost of the actual storefront.
One other thing that locksmiths are also hired out to do sometimes is to take care of security for different companies. Because locksmiths know all about locks and how to get around them, they can be one of the best people to help a company find out where their weak spots are. Then the company can take whatever steps are required in order to fix the break in security.

Tips on picking out new window treatments for your home

Picking out new window treatments for your home can be a great home improvement project.  With just a little bit of work, you can have a whole new look and feel to your home, bring in natural light, and even make your home more energy efficient.  Replacing window treatments in your home can be a big job, so you will want to do your research and take your time picking out the right window treatments for you, so you do not need to do it again for many years.  We recently talked to the experts over at Roth Interiors to find out the things you should consider before purchasing new window treatments for your home, here is a quick list of things you should consider:

1) Design: There are many different types of window treatments which you can purchase for your home.  blinds or shutters offer a more traditional look; roman blinds can bring in something new and excited; or drapes can be a fun alternative if you are looking for something a little bit less traditional.  Within each of these categories, you have other choices as well.  For example, shutter can come in many different styles and materials.  You can choose from simple plastic shutters, to elegant wooden shutters. You can also choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns. If you are unsure of what you want, many places that sell window coverings also offer design consultations.  They have experts on hand who will come visit you in your home, get a sense of your own personal style, and help you to decide on window treatments which will work well for you.

2) Practicality: While some people choose to get new window covering purely for aestetic purposes, other people look more towards the practical side of getting new window treatments for their home.  There are many practical applications for window treatments including:

- Energy efficiency: Many window treatments are designed with energy efficinecy in mind.  These blinds work to keep out the heat in the summer, and insulate the home in the winter.  Having blinds which work to insulate the home can drastically cut down on monthly enegey spending.  Additionally, you can buy blinds which encourage natural light in a room, which will cut down on how often you need to have your lights on during the day.  This will also help to cut down on your energy consumption.

- Cleanliness: Some people choose blinds which are very easy to maintain and keep clean. Blinds with hard surfaces, such as plastic, are easy to dust off every day and help keep your home clean and fresh.

3) Privacy: If you live somewhere where your neighbors are close by, you will want to purchase window coverings which keep out the noise and help with privacy.  If, on the other hand, you live in a large home with very few neighbors, you may want to take advantage of that by getting sheer curtains which let in all of the lovely natural light.

These are just a few things to consider before installing new window coverings in your home.